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Website Designing Company in Gurgaon

E-Commerce Website Design & Development Company in Gurgaon

Develope E-Commerce Websites with Okkdigital!!!

Future-proof e-commerce solutions that evolve with your company's objectives! Ecommerce website design and development services make it possible to create an online store specially tailored to your company's needs in terms of aesthetics, usability, and customer service strategies. Okkdigital's e-commerce programmers design distinctive storefronts, build scalable microservices architectures, and automate back-office e-commerce procedures.

Paye Sabhi E-Commerce Solutions sirf Okkdigital ke sath!!

We provide specialized e-commerce website development services and can design custom or standard features to satisfy customer journeys. No matter what technology or business model you use, we have the precise knowledge to complete the job perfectly. Okkdigital develops and maintains e-commerce solutions that are quick, dependable, and error-free.

Shopping online using microservices

Logic components (microservices) and their dependencies will be planned, implemented, and arranged by knowledgeable solution architects into a seamless e-commerce solution. Ecommerce companies that are expanding quickly benefit the most from this architectural strategy.

Online multistore

You can grow your e-commerce company into new markets and regions with the help of a well-thought-out multistore solution. Through your store, you can manage various languages and catalogs with ease.

Online markets

Product and services In marketplaces, various models of seller engagement, order processing, and revenue management can be used. A well-designed marketplace benefits marketplace owners, administrators, sellers, and customers.

Online portals

Retail businesses must manage vendors, interact with customers, build brands, and distribute catalogs, among other tasks. We assist in planning, implementing, and setting the necessary functional components and workflow setup once the portal goals are clearly defined.

Headless commerce

For various interfaces, including web, mobile, intelligent devices (speakers, watches, etc.), and AR/VR apps, we help implement original, template-free designs. Decoupled ecommerce architecture is something we've worked with before.


Okkdigital supports PWA because it offers viewpoint-based styling and layout optimization, enabling users to have a single app for both web and mobile audiences.

B2C ecommerce

We base our work on thoroughly analyzing your company's operational environment to create B2C websites with an appealing user interface, good personalization, on-demand scalability, and high conversion potential.

B2B ecommerce

We design user journeys encouraging and assisting our targeted, extremely logical B2B buyers in making high-risk decisions.

Make Unparalleled Experience Possible Using Modern Technologies

At the same time that technology is developing, consumer expectations are increasing. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies like AR, AI, IoT, and blockchain, we develop complex ecommerce solutions that enhance your customers' experiences and make them more enjoyable.

  • Virtual try-ons
  • Virtual try-outs
  • Video consultations in real time
  • 3D modeling
  • Voice-assisted shopping
  • Decentralized marketplaces
  • Interactive user manuals
  • IoT-powered ecommerce operations

Receive Assistance with Your E-Commerce Software

Designing an e-commerce website and automating the back office are just two examples of the many facets of creating a digital sales channel covered by ecommerce development.

E-commerce advisory

We help you improve operational effectiveness and manage the entire customer experience by offering guidance on business, technology, and operational issues.

Personalization of e-commerce

We move away from monolithic to decoupled architectures to achieve greater functional flexibility. We are also proficient in cutting-edge technologies like voice recognition and 3D modeling that distinguish your brand.

Platform-based online store development

A few of the numerous ecommerce platforms accessible for market entry are Shopify, Drupal, and BigCommerce. To build scalable, long-term e-commerce solutions that can advance along with the objectives of your business, we only use Adobe Commerce.

Creating mobile applications for online purchasing

To make it simple for customers to shop whenever they want and from anywhere, create a branded mobile space for your website store.

Front-end design for online stores

In addition to the tried-and-true HTML, CSS, and programming languages, we also use JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, Meteor, Vue.js, Next.js, and Ember.js to create cutting-edge digital storefronts.

E-commerce back-end layout

We lay out the business logic in your e-commerce application's back end, written in PHP, Java, Python, C++, Node.js, Go, and . NET.

E-commerce website design

Best ecommerce practices include conducting target audience research, competitor analysis, UI kit branding, and usability testing.

Integrations with online stores

We increase our proficiency in creating online stores by using API-based integration services to connect various systems and enable automated data exchange.

Ecommerce migration

If your current ecommerce solution limits business growth, we help you move business data to a more flexible and scalable architecture.

Ecommerce audit

We look for coding errors, security gaps, performance issues, and user experience issues on e-commerce websites and infrastructure. After determining the issues, we prioritize and organize solutions.

The creation and promotion of online shopping

We monitor the efficiency and usability of your e-commerce app as part of our ongoing partnership, and we take care of any required troubleshooting. In addition, we push for important initiatives (like migration) and introduce new features.

Okkdigital designs resilient and agile business operations.

Construction of an e-commerce website entails creating a virtual storefront that elegantly showcases your goods and subtly tempts customers to buy. We do that! But as a part of our ecommerce development solutions, we create software for all back-office ecommerce processes.

Inventory management

We contribute to maintaining accurate recordkeeping and replenishing inventory maintained at various locations by:

By using cutting-edge IoT technology, you are tracking inventory.

  • The demand-based planning of inventory.
  • Inventory cataloging using rules.
  • Purchase orders are sent electronically.
  • Managing returns on inventory.
Order management

We simplify handling customer orders that come from different sales channels, are delivered via different delivery channels, and have different packaging or delivery requirements.

To accomplish this, we ensure the following:

  • To enable centralized order aggregation, all sales channels have been integrated.
  • Incorporating software for inventory control.
  • Completing orders by the law.
  • Directing customers to the ideal fulfillment center for their orders.
  • Both pickup and delivery orders are supported as distinct order execution scenarios.
  • Return control.
Logistics management

We make it easier to transport goods quickly and affordably by:

  • AI aids in the planning of shipping routes.
  • Real-time tracking of the state of transportation.
  • Utilizing RFID to keep an eye on logistics-related conditions.
Product information management

We stop the tedious, time-consuming work of promoting goods via various sales channels. To accomplish that, we established a PIM system with the following features:

  • Data import for products.
  • A product catalog.
  • Enriching product data according to rules.
  • Upsells cross-sells, and bundles are examples of related products.
  • PIM channel integration with distribution channels.
Automated digital marketing

We give you the tools you need to transition your marketing efforts to a multichannel approach:

  • Utilizing micro-segmentation based on client behavior.
  • Campaigns to elicit a response from consumers.
  • Email promotion.
  • Conversational marketing using live chat, chatbots, and messaging applications.
  • Programs for automated advertising.
  • Loyalty programs.
Retail BI

We give examples of how to use your business data when making decisions, including:

  • Analysis of data with multiple dimensions.
  • Reporting on a set of KPIs.
  • We are using ML to forecast.
Okkdigital Delivers a Consistent Customer Experience Across All Channels 

We connect business processes with omnichannel platforms and personalize the customer experience across analog and digital channels.

Cost of Establishing a Top-Notch Online Store

Because companies of various sizes naturally have different business requirements, we selected the company size as the primary criterion to distinguish the average website cost. However, the following elements will also affect how much the project will cost to complete:

  • On-site versus cloud hosting.
  • Either a platform-based solution or a custom one.
  • Feature list.
  • Either by constructing a website from scratch or by using templates.
  • Integrating various systems.
  • For e-commerce, the caliber and price of web designers and developers.
Organized and swift process for new e-commerce launches

Here, we illustrate the most common e-commerce development process to show how good process management enables us to produce high-quality work on schedule. Additionally, we offer to add MVP creation and launch as an additional process step if your company wants to immediately see value from critical features before evolving the MVP into successful large-scale software.